Utilizing actual found footage, Desert Cathedral tells the story of a broken real estate developer, Peter Collins, played by Lee Tergesen (Oz, Generation Kill, Equity), who mysteriously disappears into the Southwest in 1992, leaving behind a series of VHS tapes to his employer and family. Without the aid of the police, his desperate wife (Petra Wright) hires private investigator Duran Palouse, played by Chaske Spencer (The Twilight Saga, Banshee), to locate his whereabouts and bring him home. After the two befriend each other, Peter discovers Duran's true identity and flees deeper into the depths of the desert; through a cat-and-mouse climax tragedy strikes.   

Based on a true story, this evocative narrative blends actual archival materials and found footage to create a unique cinematic experience.

The striking debut feature from Travis Gutiérrez Senger features the brilliant cinematography of Michael Ragen (Kicks) and a powerful score from Saunder Jurriaans and Danny Bensi (Enemy, Last Days in the Desert).